Back in 1980 Alex Moffat was enticed into his first Band at the behest of his Rugby mate and life long friend Peter Lewis. It was called Fourplay because there were four of them but his Mother did not like the name

Fourplay live at Sandringham1981

It consisted of Dave Kerr on Lead guitar, Nigel Wilson on Drums and Rob Van der laan on Bass. The boys had lots of good times and played at parties and gigs espescially at Mainstreet Nightclub in Auckland which was the place to be.






Fourplay played at  three Sweetwaters festivals in Ngarawhahia south of Auckland.



They broke up in 1984 and Sandy spent a little time in Australia before returning and recording his first and only record as Sam Snake.
This had mixed reviews but there were a few good ones as well. The song “Act of Love” was on the playlist of Aucklands student radio station BFM.

After this Sandy got together with mates from the freezing works to form ‘The Building Show”.Ralph Skips on Guitar, Kelly Reihana on Bass and John JB Barrett on Drums. The boys did lots of parties and gigs and hotels and famously played on the roof of Real Groovy records building in Aucklands main street Queen St. Sarah Spicer later joined as backing vocalist.
“It wa s probably the most fun I have had in a band apart from Fourplay”.



On top of the world Queen st 1989








This line up was changed over the years and featured Steve Turnbull on Guitar. ” Steve was my gateway to the West”. Rachel Hobbs joined later as Backing Vocalist

Alex got married and him and Rachel had baby Jessy. Later he lived at Progressive Studios in Anzac ave Auckland. A famous haunt for every sucessful 80’s band who either practised or recorded there. Tim Gummer was the owner and friend of Sandy and they recorded a lot of songs until Sandys wallet really was empty. “My best producer was Ross McDermott Bass player for among others The Cats away. My next record will  be based on those songs and others recorded at Progressive over the years”.


The Comedians live at Gluepot Hotel Ponsonby 1992

Next up in 1991 was ‘Sam Snake and the Comedians” This featured Nick Bliss on guitar, Mark Schaumann on Drums and Dylan Marriot on Bass. They did loads of gigs at Aucklands famous Gluepot Hotel and this carried on for a few years. Bliss famously commented ” Snake promised us money and girls and all we got was old biddys and the money we owed”.





At this time Alex started doing a series of gigs every Wednesday called “Sam Snakes Singer Songwriter Showcase” at the Gluepots Corner Bar Ponsonby rd Ponsonby. It featured One well known Muso and about four amateur songwriters. This carried on for a year until the Gluey closed and was turned into a Hairdressers and apartments.



Alex then carried the concept on at the Java Jive a hundred yards away for the next two years working for the owner crazy Jan. “Hey Jan why is the mike stand bent.” Reply. ” I hit a guy over the head with it.”Some of the well known performers were Graham Brazier, Emma Paki and Dave McCartney. Some lesser known but brilliant Songwriters were Christine White, Edith Ridings, D B G Goodwin and Mark Laurent.

java jive with crazy jan 1994





In 1994 Alex started a covers band called ‘SnakeBand’. This featured Graham Silcock on Guitar, Paul Redfern on Bass and Doug Harvey (ex lotto presenter) on Drums. The backing vocalist was a young lassy called Katie Thomson who would later becomes Alex’s wife of 14, no 15 no. Anyway quite a long time and she still has the job title. The love of my life. Snakeband did loads of gigs and hardly any practises and it was a lot of fun.

young love 1996




In 1995 Alex got involved in acting joined by best buddy Dave Goodwin.This carried on for about ten years. Alex got cast in Xena and Hercules as a featured actor in four different episodes. He did a few ads for the capitalists and was on the short list for the King Kong movie where he was up against quite a few professional actors.


Alex, Johnny, Pete and Brian 2006

After Marriage in 1996 the Eel phase started, First with loads of recording on Alex’s home studio and then the forming of ‘Eel’ the band. This featured Pete Johanson on Bass, Johnny Bradfield on Drums and my old buddy Brian Stevens on Guitar.



kings arms 2006

This lineup lasted until 2006 where they did a series of Farewell gigs which are recorded and available.





with barry holt eskdale 2011

After this Alex went to live in the Countryside of Napier. 1.5 acres of Moffatland where he currently resides with Daughter Charlotte and Son James and of course the lovely Katie. In the South Island lives daughter Jessy and partner Mickey with Grandson Connor. This is where in 2011 the seeds of Eel Musics first album “East” started. (See Album and lyrics page). This first album proper features Barry Holt on lead guitar plus songs from the eel music band from auckland.

jacko, steve and alex

jacko, steve and alex

In 2013 Alex meets Bassist Steve Healey through mutual friend Glenn (put em in the furnace) Furnis. Steve and Alex do a few gigs as Bass and Guitar having good times along the way. In late 2014 Jacko Jackson joins in on Drums. The new band is called “the Alex Moffat Selection”. They have done a lot of one set gigs and coming up is a three set siege at the Common Room in Hastings October 9th.






With help from good pal Dan Browne Alex has put together his second album ‘Archive” consisting of his (best of)back catalogue. There are 12 songs with styles veering from Rock to Ballads, Reggae to Country, and a piano accordian song for good measure.

new old album ‘archive’

This will be promoted through October/ November 2015. The bulk of the songs were produced by Ross Mcdermott (Cats Away Bassist) who did an excellent job and called in some top notch session musos from the best bands of the day. Including The Chills (Peter Alison), The Narcs(Steve Clarkson) , Graham Braziers Legionarres (Gary Verberne), Nairobi Trio(Richard Adams and Nigel Gavin), Danse Macarbe (Weston Prince)  and even Stings Harmonica player(Brendon Power). The young 16 old backing singer from the recording (from Alex’s band) Sarah Spicer would go on to the top ten of T.V.s X Factor 2015.