January 2018- I have been in Wellington for a year now and I am looking to put a band together. Exciting times and an exciting city. My dream location to live. My son and daughter are both good musicians as is my lovely wife Katie. We sung for our supper on the interislander
at Christmas and the best response came from playing my originals. The punters told me I still have a great voice. Phew!
Have almost finished my novel ‘Harker 2072’ about an old detective coping with his love life and a string of murders. This will be filmed as a web series. Each chapter being an episode. Check out the website coming soon to be involved. Harkerproductions.co.nz will be looking for actors and technicians real soon


September 2015- Since January 2015 Gary ‘Jacko’ Jackson has joined myself and Steve Healey to form ‘the Alex Moffat Selection’.We have been gigging as a three piece over the months and slowly developing three sets. In july at the Cabana Muso night (see picture)I played acoustic for a change and it must have added  a lot of space to the sound because when we came off our friends and fellow musical peers raved about our performance and songs. Roy Brown(Cabana owner) said he loved it and hugged me. Other legends like Matt Baker and JR said how much they loved the space in the songs. That is something we have been developing but people are now noticing it.


the alex moffat selection

the alex moffat selection

For me, as a Muso for 30 years it meant that all the sacrifices I made to play original music were vindicated. It is onward and upward for the band as we look for a guitarist and keyboardist.





October 2014  -Mama mia played to 9000 people at the Municipal theater through October and I had the lead role of Sam Carmicheal (pierce brosnan). I felt like  a duck out of water but I played my part as my director ( the excellent Wendy Revell) wanted. I received a lot of singing raves but I also got a few good ones for my acting. “You were suberb. The best thing in it. Well done.” That was from Gillian Davies who has been the director of all the top shows in the bay. Phew! Heady stuff.  Another lady commented that I had a laconic style different to the over gesticulating of some stage actors. She said it gave a lot of power to the role. You were right Wendy. Of course. Another review from W.Mead “Alex your performance in Mamma Mia is AMAZING. My family and I saw the show and loved every minute of it. We all thought u were incredible, loved the singing, loved the show. WOW your talent is unsurpassed . Thanks for a great nights entertainment ”


I also had the opportunity to work with musical director Mark Oldershaw. A good friend. As well as some excellent musicians and of course cast and crew. The two actors who had the most work and made it a smash were Laura Jeffares and Robin O’hagan.




August 1 2014. Alex is offering free downloads for all songs from the ‘East’ album. A new album called ‘Archive’ will be released in parts over the next six months. First two songs are ‘Dirty Coat” the band version and ‘Bird in my cage’. Visit the video page to see live versions of these two songs. There is also some footage from a Hercules episode Alex co-starred in.



steve healey and alex moffat

July 2014 -Alex has been working with bass player Steve Healey over the last year doing awesome versions of Moffat originals. It will lead to great things me thinks. He is a great bloke and trememdous fun to be around. He has helped to lift my heavy heart at times.





March 2014- Moffat recen019tly acted in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for Out of the Box theatre company as Lord Capulet. They had two runs in March and June.






My new grand daughter  Madison has just been born to Daughter Jessy and is now sister to Connor who just turned six. Uncle James and Auntie Charlotte are well pleased. As is Granny Katie.